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4 Best CBD Oils & Supplements for Pets [Updated: May 2018]

Every pet owner just wants the best life for their furry friends. Which is why it can be so challenging to see a pet struggling with seizures, anxiety, tumors, skin conditions & other conditions. Just within the last couple of years, there has been a huge increase in the number of studies done to see how CBD interacts with humans, which has led to more studies being done to see the effects of CBD on pets.

HempMy Pet CBD Oil & Treats


HempMy Pet offers a fantastic product selection for dogs & cats. Not only are they one of the few CBD companies with a fully organic product line, they’re also one of the most reasonably priced. We’ve also found that they offer one of the better biscuit/treat options for dogs, as their “large dog” treats contain 5mg of hemp extract per treat.

  • 100% Organic Hemp grown in Colorado
  • Consistent strain = a consistent product
  • Human grade ingredients
  • Free shipping on all orders in the U.S.

King Kanine CBD Oil & Treats

King Kanine is one of the most widely known pet CBD brands on the market. Their popular “King Kalm” line of products features oils, treats & more. They’re priced competitively, and offer different strengths based on the weight of your pet. Unfortunately, their website is one of the more difficult to navigate, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a great product!

Honest Paws CBD Oil & Treats

Honest Paws is one of our top choices due to their bundles and their proprietary CBD extraction process. They have a clear commitment to maintaining high quality manufacturing processes, and offer great all-natural, made in America CBD products. We’re also a huge fan of their subscription offer, where you can save 15% on your first order, and 10% on every recurring order.

Cannabidiol Life CBD Oil for Pets

Cannabidiol Life is a one-stop shop for all of your CBD products. They offer something for dogs, cats and people! While they don’t have any chewables or treat options for pets, their dog & cat CBD oils are top notch and one of the more reasonably priced options.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of more than 60 compounds found in the hemp plant. It interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which has increasingly been understood to have a positive influence in many aspects of health and life. CBD can be harvested from the hemp and cannabis plant, but nearly all CBD products online are derived from the hemp plant. CBD is known as “non-psychoactive”, which means you can experience the health benefits, without the typical “high” associated with THC.

Will my pet get high?

No – It’s important to note one huge difference between marijuana and hemp: Marijuana’s THC content is usually between 10 and 15%, but hemp’s THC content is 0.3% or less. Due to legal regulations, the vast majority (if not all) CBD products online are derived from hemp, not marijuana.

How CBD can help…

More and more pet owners are seeking alternative “green” treatment options for their dogs, cats, horses & other four legged friends. Products containing CBD have created an entirely new world of pet care for those seeking natural remedies.

  • Seizures & Epilepsy
  • Chronic Pain & Arthritis
  • Appetite
  • Anxiety
  • & much more!

Types of CBD products…

The two most common types of CBD products for pets are: oils and treats. CBD oil typically comes in a tincture bottle (with a dropper cap). CBD is one of the most potent & effective ways to deliver CBD to your pet. The most common way to administer CBD oil is by mixing the recommended dosage in your pet’s food. The other most common CBD product are CBD infused treats. These come in the form of soft chewable tablets or more traditional “biscuit/cookies”.

Is CBD legal?

Yes! Hemp-derived CBD is legal in 49 states, and available in Michigan with a medical marijuana card. In most states, you can order it online without the need for a prescription or doctor’s referral and it may be shipped nationwide on USPS, UPS and Fedex.